Diplomatic Committee

So far our dedicated work on a dialogue with prominent diplomats has resulted in paying very successful visits to the embassies of the following countries:  Kingdom of Belgium, Czech Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Hungary, Slovak Republic, Republic of Korea, United States of America, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia. Besides, we have attended a number of cultural events organised by the Embassy of the Republic of India.

During our visits to the embassies we had an amazing opportunity to become acquainted with the tradition and the history of these countries, their diplomatic relations with Serbia, international cooperation and the stance of these countries towards global issues. Being informed of all this by the prominent diplomats themselves is of a great importance for creating our image and shaping our knowledge and views regarding  international events.

Dialogue with them encourages critical thinking and helps in forming perspectives in terms of international relations. Knowledge exchange during these visits always goes both ways because the honorable excellencies of these countries have the unique opportunity to hear the voice of young people who represent the future of their professions.

Equally important and inspiring visits to state institutions, courts and international organizations, have enabled us to have a closer insight into the performance and acting of: Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) in the Republic of Serbia, Diplomatic Academy of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, National Assembly, Court of Appeal, Red Cross of Serbia, the  Government of Republic of Srpska and Ljubljana City Hall.

Beside the offices and authorities of other countries and non-governmental organizations, becoming familiar with the work of domestic institutions is also of great importance. Only by acquiring practical knowledge can a real insight into the functioning and work of the mentioned bodies be gained. Therefore, these visits have both academic and practical significance not only for the members of our Club, but also for the employed officials in order to get acquainted with the future young colleagues.