About us


The United Nations Club of University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established with the aim of spreading awareness and educating the members about the significance of the United Nations’ ideals and actions for peace-keeping, sustainable development and human rights.

Our Club was established in the sixth decade of the 20th century by the distinguished professors and outstanding students of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law who later as the alumni became some of the most eminent experts in their profession. Among the most distinguished professors we would especially like to emphasise Professor Momir Milojević, PhD and Professor Vojin Dimitrijević, PhD.

Professor Momir Milojević, PhD as the head of the Department of International Law and International Relations at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law was a member of the Committee for Human Rights within International Law Association. Professor Milojević was also the Vice President and the Co-rapporteur of the Subcommittee for Human Rights Development regarding Helsinki Declaration, as well as a member of the Committee for Human Rights Application. He participated in more than 60 conferences in Serbia and abroad.

Professor Vojin Dimitrijević was the Vice President of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, ad hoc judge of the International Court of Justice, Commissioner of the International Commission of Jurists and member of its Executive Committee, member of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe for Democracy through Law, member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, member of the Institute of International Law, Director of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and an honorary PhD and a visiting professor at many prestigious universities in the world.

Nowadays, UN Club consists of ambitious students not only from the University of Belgrade but as well from other universities and faculties whose head office is in Belgrade. Our team represents a group of diligent young people who are eager to acquire more knowledge and experience. Our readiness to dedicated work in the sphere of international relations can easily be seen having in mind a variety of activities which we have. We can proudly say that one of the Club’s distinctive attributes is a spectrum of the interests and talents our members have. The potential which our association has is what we seek to prove and this is especially done by establishing cooperation with various institutions, diplomatic missions and international student associations, as well as by winning awards at the most prestigious international conferences concerning the work of the United Nations and by winning awards at both national moot court simulations and the most prominent competitions for lawyers, such as The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington and Monroe E. Price Media Moot Court Competition in Oxford. We also seek to prove our potential by winning awards at the most prestigious oratory competition in Serbia which takes place at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, as well as by spreading the idea of altruism and acting in humanitarian activities. Our alumni are entrants of many eminent academies, schools and universities, such as: European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw, Belgrade Open School, the Program “Applied Diplomacy” at the European Movement in Serbia and the Forum for Diplomacy and International Relations, and they are also students of master studies in Cambridge University, University of Vienna, Austria, University of Poitiers, France, and others.


Following the ambition of our prominent alumni, UN Club has a variety of activities and incessantly works in order to attain both long-term and short-term objectives of the association. The mutual cohesiveness of our objectives perfectly shows what the aim of the Club’s existence is. Firstly, within the short-term objectives we offer activities which help our members to have both a practical insight in what falls within the United Nations competence and a direct dialogue with eminent diplomats and experts which helps them to have a knowledge not only of burning issues in the field of global international relations, but also of personal experiences of those who work in the field of international law and diplomacy.  Owing to exactly all these activities, we are able to work on attaining the Club’s long-term objectives.

These objectives are:

  1. Devotion for peace-keeping and spreading tolerance in the world;
  2.  Promoting the importance of the basic human rights and freedoms;
  3.  Introduction to the work of the United Nations and promoting its activities;
  4. Studying of international law, diplomacy and other ways of contribution to a knowledge of future lawyers and the young in other professions;
  5. Development and bracing of cooperation and solidarity between all the people around the world regardless of sex, race, creed, national origin or political affiliation;
  6. Social empowerment of our members especially through encouraging of voluntarism and youth work;

As a students’ association we strive to attain our objectives by organizing an array of activities, such as:

  1. Collecting and processing of scientific and technical literature in the field of international law, human rights and international relations
  2. Organizing on our own or in cooperation with other organisations activities such as: expert conferences, seminars, consultations, discussion panels and round tables in order to educate our members in the field of international law and the work of the United Nations;
  3. Cooperation with other universities and faculties, professional associations and other organisations in Serbia and abroad in order to mutually attain joint objectives;
  4. Acting in the sphere of diplomatic engagement of the youth, international politics and intercultural dialogue;
  5. Visiting our government institutions, courts, international organisations, diplomatic missions and UN headquarters so as to provide an advanced training to our members;
  6. Organizing participation in various conferences and seminars both in Serbia and abroad. Organizing preparations and simulations of the United Nations work, as well as simulations of judicial processes of both domestic and international courts (moot court);

Promoting the far-reaching objectives of the Club, as well as promoting all our activities and events regarding the work of the United Nations on websites and social networks.


The international activities of the UN Club, contact with the world of diplomacy, international relations and international law, as well as the establishment of long term cooperation with institutions and organizations, have all resulted in improving our educational level and professional development, preparing us for prospective careers in the future. Our activities have contributed to raising the awareness of young people about the critical and emerging issues of our time and have fostered creative and logical thinking among students. Consequently, we have encouraged students to apply their academic knowledge in practice. The contacts we have made and the cooperation we have established both on national and international level represents useful networking that could be helpful for young professionals in their further progress.

Our Club’s goal is to raise our international cooperation to a higher and more inventive level in the near future. We intend to achieve this by continuing our collaboration with the aforementioned institutions, by establishing new partnerships with more eminent experts, and by organizing visits to the institutions of higher jurisdiction that operate in the sphere of international relations. Thus far, we have always justified the trust committed to us, and have worked hard in all areas of our interest. We are committed to continue on this path.


Our vision

The significant heterogeneity of personalities of our Club’s members is one of our advantages in comparison to other students’ clubs. The continued progress of the Club is a combined result of the hard work of future lawyers, students of political and organizational sciences, philologists, economists, pharmacists, programmers and many other future academics. Our success is not limited to the current achievements of our members, but is the basis for a far-reaching vision, which aims to create a network of successful professionals in various academic fields. Staying true to tradition, we want to justify the ambitions of the UN Club founders by introducing a more innovative approach and by striving for modernization while maintaining the existing quality. Our activities remain consistent with the visions of our predecessors such as the commitment to the preservation of peace and spreading of tolerance in the world, promoting the importance of fundamental human rights and freedoms, developing and strengthening cooperation and solidarity among all people of the world (regardless of race, nationality, religion or political affiliation), the social empowerment of our members, and working towards the development of diplomacy and international law. All this in order to, as successful professionals, become competent for the challenges in our common ground – international relations and diplomacy, in the context of our future professions.

What makes us different from others?

Our alumni are currently working in prestigious law firms, consulting agencies, public administration, international organizations, the judiciary and the economic sector. What connects us is the collective desire for constant improvement and the willingness to help each other on the path to success. One of the reasons for the immense accomplishments of our alumni is precisely the unwavering desire for progress that they have demonstrated during their student days through the engagement and dedication to the Club’s activities. This is what brings us together and makes our work meaningful not only within our community but, due to the international feature our activities, the fruits of our success can be considered as social and academic progress on a global level. We strive on making our ideas into actions by actively working on contributing to the development of our projects. That is why we are not afraid to set our goals high and work hard with firm desire to achieve them.

The international activities and the overall impact are what distinguishes the UN Club, as well as our members’ professionalism and wide range of talents, our ability to provide insight into the practical application of knowledge and skills in the sphere of international relations and diplomacy, as well as international law and social-humanistic activities. Last but not least, creating a strong foundation for the development of critical thinking and the formation of a positive trends in the interests of young people to work towards the improvement of our society.

The reputation of the Club is reflected in the cooperation with our former partners who have given us their trust. Thus, we stay highly motivated to raise our standards and the quality of our activities.

Decades of various projects organized by the UN Club at Faculty of Law is the strongest assurance that we continuously prove ourselves as reliable partners. Our dedication represents extremely high guarantee for the future continuity of common prosperity. Support of our associates is perceived as mutual success, since the mutual promotion, our progress and investment in our education reflects their success as well.

Mission and inspiration

Some of the most reputable diplomats of the world, serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration in our journey as young leaders seeking a diplomatic career. Having in mind the words of Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, we, the youth,  have to take ownership and leadership of tomorrow. For that to be possible, we have to strengthen our capacity and widen our vision as global citizens. Our ideal is to one day be the leading experts who will work for the United Nations, specialized agencies, international organizations and leading government bodies. On the way to fulfilment of our goals, we strive to enable our members to get a close insight into the scope of the work of the United Nations, government institutions and diplomatic missions. Therefore, as a reasonable and justifiable next step, we can see ourselves visiting the United Nations Headquarters and the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the UN in Geneva and New York.