On Friday, 25 of October the conference “Decision Making in Arbitration” has been held at Faculty of Law, Union University. Members of the UN Club, Jana Spasenovic and Sara Petrovic, president of the Club attended the conference.

The conference was opened with a welcome speech by the Dean of Faculty of Law, Union University, prof. Dr. Nebojša Šarkić. The introductory presentation on “Impartiality criteria in the 21st century” was delivered by academician prof. Dr Tibor Varadi.

Following the lectures of prof. dr. Vladimir Pavić, on “The Supreme Court of Cassation Arbitration Practice”; prof. dr. Nebojša Šarkić and Zoran Vavan on “Procedures for the Execution of Foreign Judicial and Arbitral Decisions”; prof. dr. Slavko Đorđević on the topic “On the judicial control of arbitral awards rendered in Kosovo and Metohija”; prof. dr. Maja Stanivuković “Completion of ICSID Arbitration Procedure”; Asst. dr. Katarina Jovičić, “Receptum Arbitri”; adv. Milica Savić on “Presentation of evidence in arbitration proceedings, with special reference to the confidentiality of data within the – Document production phase”; adv. Tatjana Milošević “The Impact of the ICT Sector on the Work of Arbitration and the Impact of Arbitral Awards on ICT Companies’ Strategies in the Current Decade” and Doc. dr. Milena Đorđević, “The Efficiency of the Arbitral Procedure”.

On Friday, November 8, 2019. the conference in the field of arbitration law will be held in Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The conference program and registration information are available online on the page of the Arbitration Law Association. Registration is required and there is limited number of participants: https://www.arbitrationassociation.org/construction-disputes-and-arbitration-in-the-see-region/