During the 141st Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union with the central theme being “The Role and Mechanisms of Parliament in Strengthening International Law and the Contribution of Regional Cooperation”,held in Belgrade from October 13th to 17ththis year, our members – Milena Nikolić, Sanja Petrović, Miljan Božovićand Aleksa Petrovićhad the opportunity totake part in such a significant international conference as liaison officers,continuing our Club’ssuccessful cooperation with the Embassy of India.

The Assembly of theInterparliamentary Union in Belgrade is also the first session in a European city, with the exception of Geneva, after 20 years. Also, this Assembly comes exactly130 years since the founding of theoldest and largest parliamentary organization, of which Serbia has been a member since its foundingin 1889. About one hundred parliamentary delegations from around the world gathered in Belgrade, with a total of about 1500 delegation members.

During the Assembly, in addition to their direct insight into the functioning of multilateral diplomacy, our members had the opportunity to attend the opening, the sessions and the very adoption of the Belgrade Resolution through the performance of their tasks.

Also, as part of the liaison officers’duties, they introduced Indian MPs to the beauty of our capital in their spare time.We would like to thank the Embassy of India in light of ourcontinued successful cooperation, and our membersas well,for the impeccable presentation of the United Nations Club at such an important international event.