Member of The UN Club, Miljan Božović, participated in seventh Danube school in Ulm, Germany, in October 2019. The Danube School is dedicated to the advancement of Danube Region which consists of 14 countries, and it is organized by the European Danube Academy in cooperation with several Universities of the Danube Region (the University of Tuebingen, HNU Ulm, University of Novi Sad, Andrassy University of Budapest and University of Ruse). About 25 participants meet for one week to discuss with academics and experts about current challenges and possible solutions in different fields: cultural diversity, sustainability, migration, innovation & startups, etc. Focus of the Danube School in Ulm 2019 is diversity in the Danube Region and the political situation in Danube Region countries. The program includes lectures and panel discussions with international lecturers and high-level political decision-makers from the Danube Region as well as Workshops about developing own Danube Projects.