On Wednesday, 02.10.2019. our members visited the Embassy of the Republic of France, during the days of the European Cultural Heritage Day. On this occasion, the Embassy opened its doors and allowed visitors to witness the magnificent history and beauty of this building. Our members had the opportunity to hear many interesting historical details during this guided tour, along with some anecdotes and references to French-Serbian relations. Also, interesting and detailed information about the architectural style of the building, its origins, history, authors and the period from which the furniture, tapestries, works of art and materials date have allowed our members to be immersed not only into the Embassy’s development and history, but also the spirit of France in Belgrade through the past decades.

We would like to thank the French Embassy and we look forward to furthering cooperation. Also, thank you to everyone who attended, and sees you during the future activities of the Bord for Diplomatic Visits.