On this day, the Day of Victory over fascism is celebrated, since on May 9, Nazi Germany signed the World War II capitulation, although the Second World War was finally over only a few months later by the unconditional capitulation of imperial Japan after the tragic use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Namely, on May 9, 1945, Soviet Marshal Zhukov ratified the agreement on German capitulation before the Allies, which was signed by German Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel the day before in the name of the Third Reich.

The biggest parade on this day is held every year on May 9 in Moscow, with the great Parade of military and aviation. In this parade, the latest achievements of Russian technology and equipment from the Second World War are shown every year.

Today, for the fourth time in a row, the Ceremonial Marsh “Immortal Regiment” is held from 5 pm. In addition, the members of the Serbian Army’s Guard carried out a slow artillery fire with ten scorers, fired from six artillery weapons, in the presence of the Commander of the Serbian Army Household troops and traditionally performed an ancient anthem and marches.

Russia had the highest number of victims of the Second World War, followed immediately by Serbia, which lost more than a million citizens. Although Russia and Serbia had the most victims, they are considered to be the biggest winners, and this day is celebrated as a memory to all victims who gave their lives for freedom. Therefore, this holiday in Belgrade will be marked with numerous cultural events (concerts, projections, and movies.