The largest delegation of the United Nations Club, headed by the MUN Committee, the President of the MUN Committee Neven Bracanović, who this year was also the official manager of the conference and the President of the Committee for Marketing and Promotion of the UN Club, Jovana Malinović, who was a conference marketing manager, participated in the Model of the United Nations in Belgrade, organized for the 16th time by the United Nations Association Serbis (UNA Serbia). 

On this occasion, the members of the Club were part of the Organizational Team, led numerous committees as presidents and participated as delegates. 

BIMUN, as every year, is engaged in bringing world known topics, and the participants had the opportunity to discuss and debate the topics such as “Arctic militarization”, “Women and children in war zones”, “Climate change”, etc. This year BIMUN was pleased to host over 350 participants from 30 different countries. The delegation of the UN Club consisted of Nevena Bracanović, Jovana Malinović, Uros Andjelković (Security Council: President), Aleksandar Ostojić (Security Council: Vice-President), Sanja Petrović (Human Rights Council: Chairperson), Katarina Majski(Human Rights Council: Recording secretary), Nikola Stanković(UN Environment Assembly: President) and Jovana Bulatović(Human Rights Council: Chairperson).