Join us at the lecture we are organizing in cooperation with the Trainees’ Session of the Bar Association of Belgrade tomorrow at 7:00 pm!

The lecture will be held by lawyer Dragan Maravić on the topic “Comparative legal regulation of the crypto currency” in the hall of the Bar Association of Belgrade in street Dečanska 13.

The choice of the topic of lecture is a consequence of the importance and scope of the transactions in which crypto-users are used as compensation for the service / product provided, primarily via internet as the world’s largest market. The cryptographic, in addition to property and intellectual, represents a new form of ownership, often referred to as “digital property”, and it is evidently an increasingly popular means of payment. Whether it is legal and in which way the state regulates an innovative transaction model and how lawyers can anticipate and acquire timely skills in providing legal assistance in this area will explain our speaker.

Please, if you are interested in attending the lecture, confirm the arrival at the email – [email protected]
due to limited reception capacity.

See you there!