Only half an hour after NATO Secretary General Javier Solana announced on March 24, 1999. that the attacks had begun, the first sirens were announced in Belgrade on March 24, 19:45. Now already well-known, the deafening sound has been blocking air over Serbia. The next 78 nights and days, on the ground of the country of Serbia, NATO planes fired about 50,000 miscellaneous missiles.

In 1999, the 19 countries of the Alliance, without the approval of the United Nations Security Council, bombed Yugoslavia, firstly, the barracks and air defense of the army of Yugoslavia and then to the entire country. The infrastructure, the economy, the schools, the hospitals, the cultural monuments, the media …

“Attention, attention, air danger. Turn off the electricity, shut down the gas, open the windows, lower the shutters, move the curtains, bring the prepared things and slowly go to the shelters. ” On the night between April 2 and 3, 1999, cruise missiles hit the buildings of the republic and federal police authority, and the fire spread to the immediate vicinity of the gynecological-obstetric clinic and psychiatric hospital “Dr. Laza Lazarević”. Although most of the targets were suburban settlements (Rakovica and Batajnica), the narrower city area was also struck many times. The whole city suffered significant collateral damage from the effects of strong detonations. NATO aggression was the fourth and last campaign bombing of the city of Belgrade in the 20th century, after the Austro-Hungarian shelling of 1914-1915, the Nazi bombing of 1941 and the allied bombing in 1944. The action they called “Merciful Angel” caused the death of more than 2,500 people, including eighty children.

By doing this, NATO violated international law with its intervention, led under the cover of “humanitarian action” and committed many crimes, but unfortunately, to date, no one has been prosecuted nor has anyone been criminally responsible for the death of innocent civilians. Some of the most significant targets of the bombing were the Avala Tower, the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense buildings, the building of the Republic and Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Usce Business Center, the RTS building and the Chinese Embassy building.

NATO bombing are not remembered only by those who were not born yet. To those who are, the very meaning of the “merciful angel” is aroused, the re-enactment of every minute of fear that was felt in the air, mixed with the smell of garage, smoke and human blood. While NATO planes destroyed everything in front of them, the people were hiding in cellars, rescue shelters in small villages, which were considered not visible on the NATO aggressor’s map.

The bombing was suspended on June 10, when an agreement was signed to withdraw the Yugoslav army and police from Kosovo and Metohija.

Even today, the West attaches itself to the role of a policeman allegedly concerned with “humanity” and “order”, while Serbia, then Yugoslavia, continues to be portrayed as an aggressor, which does not correspond to reality and certainly remains on our generations to correct it. History has not yet been written down to the end because the real culprits have not yet responded to their crimes, and with this text we want to show respect and significance to all victims and innocent civilians, for whose death no one has ever responded.