On Wednesday, March 6th, 2019. H.E. Ms. Alona Fisher-Kamm, the Ambassador of Israel to Serbia, visited the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, where she held an interactive lecture on the topic “The State of Israel – 70 Years, Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities”.

Also, on that occasion, a meeting was held at the Dean’s office at the Law Faculty, the University of Belgrade, which was attended by H.E. Ms. Fisher-Kamm, the Dean prof. Zoran Mirković, Vice-dean for teaching prof. Bojan Milisavljević, Vice-dean for Finance prof. Tatjana Jovanić, Vice-dean for Scientific and Professional Research, prof. Marko Đurđević and prof. Boris Begović. President of the United Nations Club Sara Petrović and the Club’s Secretary General Teodora Višnjić also attended the meeting. H.E. Ms. Fisher-Kamm spoke with the attendees about possible future cooperation between the Faculty of Law, UB and Israeli academic institutions. Also, H.E. had the chance to hear about the Faculty’s history and its present endeavors.

The lecture itself was of an interactive type, so students had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments during this incredibly interesting and informative lecture. The ambassador presented the topic in a systematic and captivating way, touching on many current issues, as well as Israel’s achievements thus far. Beginning with an overview of the current state of the region where Israel is located, H.E. made an introduction into the relations of Israel and its neighbors, referencing many burning issues, but also expressing a positive attitude and giving examples of Israel’s steps towards reconciliation, stability, and security in the region. Also, H.E. stressed the importance of the fact that, despite the instability in the region, Israel has managed to maintain a level of democracy at an enviable level in relation to the region. Continuing, H.E. introduced the attendees to the principle upon which the Israeli parliament functions, mentioning the upcoming elections in Israel, with a note of all possible changes in Israel’s policy as a consequence of the future elections, topics for which students were very much interested during the interactive lecture. Also, the ambassador spoke about the Israeli Declaration of Independence, noting its role as the Constitution of Israel. After addressing political topics, the geographical and historical display of the region, the current problems and all possible paths towards their resolution, H.E. also spoke about Israeli-Serbian relations in the field of investments and noted that they gradually started intensifying back in 2000. The ambassador stressed that the proximity, as well as the similar mentality of the Israeli and Serbian people,  makes it easier for investments to be realized. The attendees were also reminded of the fact that 25 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Serbia were celebrated in December 2017.

At the very end of the lecture, in response to one of the many questions of the students, H.E. expressed that it is important to maintain good relations between the United Nations and Israel, as well as hope that the UN will be a place for a more peaceful dialogue and less hostile attitude of certain countries towards Israel, all in hope of achieving true equality of states and shedding more light on the real issues the international community faces, without bias. We, to thank the Embassy of Israel in Belgrade, H.E. Ms. Alona Fisher-Kamm, as well as all the employees of the Embassy who helped organize this visit. Furthermore, we would like to thank our Committee for diplomatic visits, which helped realize this lecture, especially Nenad Stanikić. Last but not least, a big thank you to all of you who attended this lecture and contributed with your questions and comments. Looking forward to seeing you at our future lectures and diplomatic visits!