The United Nations Club in cooperation with partners invites you to a one-day interactive seminar in the form of lectures on the topic “Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the World Trade Organization”, to be held on March 4, 2019 from 9:30 to 16:15 hours, in Conference Hall of the Law Faculty, University of Belgrade.
The seminar will be in English, and after each lecture, students will have the opportunity to ask questions that interest them and through the discussion with eminent experts find out more about the topic.

The lecture will be enhanced by eminent experts:
1. Doc. Jelena Lepetic, PhD, Vice-Dean for International Cooperation,
Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
2. Mrs. Ursula Labuli, Director of Cooperation; Advisor;
Swiss Cooperation Office in Serbia, Embassy of Switzerland
3. Mrs. Ana Varianik, Legal Affairs Officer,
Department for Accession to the WTO
4. Mrs. Olivera Jocić,
втр. Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications;
The negotiating team for Serbia’s accession to the WTO
5. Mrs. Bojana Todorovic,
Former head of the negotiating team for Serbia’s accession to the WTO
6. Mrs. Iva Drobnjak, Senior Policy Advisor, “IDEAS” Geneva Center
7. Doc. Dr. Milena Đorđević, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
8. Doc. Marko Jovanović, PhD, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade

Applications for lectures are mandatory, through forms:
or email: [email protected]
(Necessary data: name and surname, faculty/occupation and phone number. In the subject of the e-mail indicate the “Application for participation in the lecture”)
During the lectures, a coffee break, lunch, and a certificate are provided for the students.