University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and Serbian Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR Serbia), regarding to celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, organised the fifth Student Conference in Theory and Philosophy of Law on topic International and European Law – Theoretical Issues. This year’s conference had an international character considering participation of several international speakers, and also its importance was recognized by the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Republic of Serbia. The conference took place on 7th and 8th December 2018 and our members had a noticeable participation.

Our member, Nikolija Nedeljković contributed very much to conference being one of its organisers. Furthermore she participated as moderator of one of the sessions and as a commentator of papers. With her special efforts and dedication, this year’s conference has been well organized.

Our another member, Aleksandra Baklaja was one of the speakers at the conference. She presented her paper on topic „Human Rights and Responsibility to Protect in intervention in Lybia 2011“, where she emphasized the importance of human rights and their increasingly frequent abuse in international law.

Finally, our member Vladimir Luznjanin presented his paper on the topic „Spy status in international humanitarian law“, where he introduced very detailed challenges for spy status in the contemporary world. As a commentator to his paper, our member Ivana Mrksic introduced her impressions and constructively contributed to the discussion on this topic.

We sincerely congratulate our members for their participation and dedication to this conference!