Dear friends,

it is our honor to invite you, in collaboration with the DiploFoundation, to an interactive lecture “Cyber security in diplomacy”, which will be held at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, on the 18th of December 2018. at 12:00h, at seminary hall 425.
The speaker for the event will be Mr Vladimir Radunović, Director of the Programme for E-Diplomacy and Cyber Security, Diplo Foundation. This eminent expert is a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Forum of Cyber Expertise, and was a member of the United Nations Multistakeholder Advisory Group for the Internet Governance Forum. His proffesional focus are policies on the internet and broadband access, cyber security, net neutrality and accessibility, e-diplomacy and participation, education and construction of institutional capacities and decision makers in the realm of the Internet.

Join us and learn a little more on this trending topic.