Bearing in mind that much of our private and business life is taking place online, security in the online space is one of the key challenges in today’s world. The protection of online service users is one of the main goals of information companies. The fact that strong knowledge of policies of the Internet and laws that govern the cyber world has become crucial even in diplomacy and international politics can bе proven easily.

On December 18th2019 the United Nations Club had the privillege of organizing the lecture held by Mr. Vladimir Radunović, director of e-diplomacy and cybersecurity programmes at DiploFoundation. Тhe United Nations Club made successful collaboration with Diplo Foundation during the last year’s visit to the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. The topic of the lecture was “Cyber Security in Diplomacy”. Mr. Radunovic gave talked as well on data protection on the Internet and the challenges of modern diplomacy in the online world. He also presented online courses which can be found on Diplo Foundation’s website with the purpose to educate online service users about international relations, cyber diplomacy, public policy and many more related fields which can be very useful for different careers, from legal and diplomatic to many others. The participants of this seminar had the unique opportunity to learn something more about internet policies as well as international collaboration of the states through new medias.