We would like to thank our partner student organization from Zagreb ( Diplомаtski klub FPZG) for the invitation to participate in this year’s edition of the European Union Model in Zagreb!

President of The United Nations Club, Sara Petrovic and member of Commission for new members Teodora Visnjic, participated in the simulation process of the European Council.  Sara was co-chairing the European Council representing the President of European Commission and Teodora had the role of the chancelor of Federative Republic of Germany within the European Council.

The main topics of this year’s edition of MEUZ at European Council were the future of European Union as a global actor and the enlargment of European Union. During the sessions, economic and security issuses of today within the jurisdicition of the European Union were discussed as well.

It was our pleasure to be part of this year’s MEUZ and we look forward to this kind of encounters in the future!