During the mid-September, a few of our Club members had the honor and the privilege to be a part of the operational team during the official visit of the Indian Vise President, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu. This was both wonderful and educational experience for the members of our Club.

It all began when the embassy of India in Belgrade sent us a proposal for cooperation. Sara Petrović, Milena Nikolić, Sanja Petrović and Nenad Stanikić volunteered to take part in this event. After the interview, we found out that we will be in charge of the highest ranking delegates of this visit. We were honored that the embassy put so much trust in us, and determent to do the best job possible.

The day before the visit we had a briefing at the Hyatt hotel, where we learned our specific duties. Milena Nikolić, Sanja Petrović and Nenad Stanikić were appointed to be liaison officers, while Sara Petrović was appointed to serve as the media officer.

During this visit, we got the chance to learn everything there is to know regarding the official visits of the foreign dignitaries, including the organization, the protocol, but also the ways of dealing with the small crisis that occur regularly during in this type of situations. This was truly an interesting and dynamic, but, above all, very aducational experience for us.

We got the chance to meet many diplomats, politicians, as well as the employees of the Ministry of the External Affairs of India, to talk to them, to hear their stories and experiences. We got the chance to learn a lot, but also to have fun and spend time with each other, and to share the beauty of our capital with our guests. We strengthened our relationship with the embassy of India in Belgrade, but also made contacts with the Indian diplomats from Beijing, Tunis, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of External Affairs of India.

The crown of this visit, and the recognition for our good work was the departure of the delegation – the general impression of the delegation was that we are very hospitable and enthusiastic people. They had so much praise, which was, for us, the highest reward for the effort that we put into this visit. The send-off was very emotional for both sides.

The cooperation with the embassy of India in Belgrade was, once again, very successful and we look forward to our future joint endeavours. Our Club members had the chance, for the first time, to use all the experience from numerous international conferences in a professional manner.