Marci Segal was the creator of Inovation and Creativity week which is celebrated from 15th to 22nd of April around the world. People are dedicating a week to Inovation and Creativity, and accepting them as moving factors of the world today and of tommorow.  From 2001. in Canada 17 years later this year  Leonardo Davinci’s birthday is taken as a beginning day for this special week to open a portal planet wide, to free thinking, to consider new ideas, decisions, actions and outcomes. Three main things WCIW/D is all about:

  • WCIW/D is a time to free up and encourage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.
  • WCIW/D provides time to educate, engage, celebrate and open doors to new worlds of what’s possible.
  • WCIW/D are do-it-yourself observances – they happen where you are. They are non-commercial and no fees are paid for participating.

Here is what the United Nations suggest you may do:

  • form new relationships
  • establish new standards
  • consider different approaches to meeting challenges
  • learn new information and practice new skills
  • develop fresh insights
  • recall past successes from which to build new platforms
  • generate positive possibilities and potentials for the future
  • go beyond your ‘familiar’ to embrace something ‘strange’ (a new restaurant? a different way to hold meetings?)
  • try new behaviours that align with the values of contributing to creating a decent life for all on a sustainable planet.

We have been provided with 101 ideas on how to spark creativity within student communities check them out at

Serbia had joined the observance day before 2016. In the past twenty years there has been a rise in innovation and creativity development, and especially in a last few years with numerous initiatives coming from all sides – abroad, the government, and individuals.

As the trend in the world develops, we follow it. There is a lot of discussion on what is the fastest way for economy to grow. Is the state intervenience in certain branches of economy or are the innovations the right answer? If we are looking upon the rest of the world, which we are, the answer is primarily the innovations. Answering this question, the next follows – how should we contribute to the development of the innovations, especially when talking about the state intervention – in what way and how much?

The precondition for the innovation branches to grow is the improvement of infrastructure: logistic, energetic, financial as well as the research and scientific one, which we are getting negative comments on, but which we are actively working on. Besides all mentioned, there is a high demand for additional funding,from the foreign investments and the domestic ones. Considering the political fields there is an urgent need for reducing the corruption, strengthening the regulatory bodies, improvement of disputes and problem solving mechanisms, as well as economic statistics. We should make it easier for entrepreneurs to start their businesses, and develop and improve the entrepreneurial atmosphere, through improvement of the process of starting the business and the support of small and middle sized businesses as one of the main carriers of domestic economic growth.For the development and progress it is needed to establish the cooperation between the creative and business sector, development of education in these fields and domestic products’ placement on foreign markets.  Beside innovation and creativity as economy sectors, there is an approach in business as well, which implies innovations and creativity in the business management. This is necessary to introduce to Serbia’s entrepreneurial culture, for the sake of improving the domestic market and indirectly the economy, and for Serbia’s market to be more open for communication with the foreign markets and investors. Considering investors, which is one of our lead strategies for economy improvement it is important to mention that this approach would contribute a lot to the collaboration of domestic and foreign investors, as well as the development and construction of unified economical bloodstream of Serbia. Likewise, creative work and innovative activity in a business entity represent intellectual property for the individual in it as well as for the business system. Therefore, the legal and regulatory recognition of innovation as an intellectual property established a safer and more stable situation on the market. Ministry of education, science and technological development is a supervisor on innovation sector in economy. It keeps the Innovative Sector’s Register which is public and the subjects which are written in it have the right to become the users of state’s incentive measures and the budget funds. The government on the minister’s suggestion adopts the program of the innovative sector, which is practiced through innovative projects, in order to develop the innovative products and services, and the incentive use and commercialization of scientific and research results, modern technologies and the construction of the innovative organizations’ infrastructure.  Help is on the way, coming from abroad. Beside the European Union, there is China. Which is not only a role model  in the development of IT industries but it is a business partner as well, with the arriving of numerous future cooperation and joint action plans.Overall, the official statement of Serbia’s PM is that the innovation and creative industries are a chance for development. And they represent a part of national identity. Last but not least, the creativity in our society is rising by actions of individuals and fast development of the creative subcultures and independent individuals’ businesses. They all work on improvement of the creative scene’s quality in local and bigger communities. From independent artists to small businesses which derive from social media, to the related festivals which serve to their affirmation and placement of their products on the bigger market, directly to their customers, as well as the plenty of NGOs organizing those, working on motivating broader masses to involve in this wave of creativity, develop themselves. All those events very often, if not in every case, send humane messages and goals which are calling for cooperation, working together, growth and helping everyone in the society, which is exactly the most important precondition for successful development of Serbia’s economy, local communities, and especially creative and innovative sector.

Spark change, hope, encourage! Lets make everyone feel freedom, strength, and social and emotional support to navigate Life’s challenges!

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Teodora Visnjic

Ana Vesic