UN Club of University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, would like to invite you to apply and participate at one of the newest projects of SPEKOF – Model World Trade Organization (WTO) Belgrade which will be held for the first time in this region from 11th to 4th of May, at the Faculty of Economy, University of Belgrade, as well as at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia!
This project is an excellent chance for students to exchange ideas and broaden their knowledge in the field of international trade. Model WTO is supported by a large number of partners, such as the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, ISAC fund, National Chamber of Commerce, Faculty of Economy University of Belgrade, and “IDEAS” centre from Switzerland. Main sponsor of this project is the State Secretariat for economic affairs of the Swiss Confederation.
This event will gather over 40 delegates who will take on the roles of Member States of the World Trade Organization. They will debate on the topic of “Small and Medium Enterprises” with the goal of achieving a consensus, while working in 4 different Committees.
The best delegates will be awarded, and the application process is still open!

You can find more information on their official Facebook page as well as their official website: