At 12th regular meeting, which was held on 7th of december this year at Jejy island in South Korea, Serbian traditional dance “Kolo” was enlisted in UNESCO representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Intergovernmental Committee for conservation of intangible cultural heritage was in charge of making this decision, which was published on the official UNESCO website.
The procedure of enlisting the traditional Serbian dance “Kolo” on the Representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity was started on base of decision of National committee for intangible cultural heritage in December 2015. The Center for intangible cultural heritage at the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade prepared a nomination dossier which Ministry of culture used as a reference for the adoption procedure in March 2016. The official announcement stated that the dossier was prepared in cooperation with the official proposers for the UNESCO list, Faculty of music: national traditional dance ensemble “Kolo” and the Center for investigation and preservation of traditional dances of Serbia.