Milena Nikolić, the President of the UN Club, in addition to the role of the Secretary-General of the conference, had the opportunity to hold a lecture for the participants of the Students’ Model United Nations. During the roundtable discussion on “EU-UN-BiH Coordination Mechanisms” held in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska during SMUN, Milena spoke about decision-making models at the United Nations. In order to better understand coordination mechanisms, she made an introduction about the history of the United Nations, the main purposes and principles of the organization and the structure of the UN. She talked about setting the agenda of the General Assembly, the importance of consensus and how the decisions are made in the General Assembly and the Security Council, the two most important bodies of this organization. She explained in more detail the rules of procedure of these bodies, pointed out the role of the decision-makers and answered to students’ questions. Milena brought students closer to the complex structure of the UN at the global level and shared her knowledge and experience gained through long-term practical work, research and engagement in the fields of international law, the UN system, diplomacy and international relations. We are honored to have Milena in our Club and we congratulate her on getting this tremendous opportunity and for holding a successful lecture!