The Delegation of the UN Club of University of Belgrade Faculty of Law participated at this year’s Students’ Model United Nations in Banja Luka from 18th to 22nd of October. The members of the delegation were Milena Nikolić, President of the UN Club, Nevena Bracanović, member of the Marketing and Promotion Committee, Nevena Marinčić and Đina Glavčić-Kostić.
Our members have had the opportunity to discuss the most pressing global issues, such as international terrorism, nuclear proliferation and the situation in North Korea, as well as the rights of children in armed conflicts and protection of girls and women in war zones. The delegation attended the reception in the City Assembly of Banja Luka, where the participants had the opportunity to hear the speech of Mayor Igor Radojičić, who presented Banja Luka’s personal map, from the historical development, today’s time and plans for the future. After that, the delegates had the opportunity to ask questions to the mayor.
Apart from the sessions in the committees, the delegation participated in several interesting lectures and panel discussions with prominent lecturers and experts in the field of international law, politics, international relations, diplomacy, media freedom, the EU and the UN.
Milena Nikolić, the president of the UN Club, took over the role of Secretary-General at SMUN. In cooperation with the Students’ Club of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Banja Luka, she worked diligently on the SMUN 2017 project. Milena performed ceremonial duties during the conference, she was in charge of all logistical matters, led the Secretariat, held several speeches on nuclear proliferation, international terrorism and rights of women and children in armed conflicts and war zones.
Nevena Bracanović presided over the Human Rights Council, where she led the debate on the issues of the rights and protection of children in armed conflicts and women and girls in war zones, along with Anastasia Latenkova (Anastasia Latenkova), her colleague from Russia.
During the conference, the delegation of the UN Club worked closely with Students for UN, a students’ organization from the Faculty of Political Science of University of Belgrade, whose former president, Veljko Ristić chaired the Security Council with his colleague from Oman, Sara Al-Shizawi (Sara Abdullah).
Two of our members have won two prizes due to their remarcable diplomatic skills. Đina Glavčić-Kostić, the delegate of Germany to the Human Rights Council, won the Best Delegate Award while Nevena Marinčić, the delegate of the United Kingdom in the same committee, took the Honorable Mention Award.
Our members participated as a part of the organizing team as well as delegates and have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skills in the field of international law, international relations and diplomacy. With this being said, we would like to wholeheartedly congratulate our members on such an admirable success. We’re extremely proud that our Club and the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade have been represented in such a successful manner.